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RGS Newcastle

It’s been a great year for the RGS. In July The Sunday Times named us “Best School in the North”. In August, our A level results hit the heights yet again. We’re hugely proud of all our students and what they achieve.

It’s not rocket science! The boys and girls themselves are amazingly committed, motivated and focused. They aim very high – and tend to get there – all within an overarching school ethos of high expectation. To be ambitious is the norm, to give up rare: that climate is self-reinforcing, fed by students as much as their teachers.

For teachers it’s about much more than high-level subject qualifications, dedication and hard work: the key is their passion for challenging young minds, leading them on a journey of learning. Our teachers are enthusiasts: their enthusiasm is infectious. They are also ever-eager to learn and improve, never satisfied. Professional discourse is everywhere.

RGS students don’t just learn subjects! Our boys and girls devote themselves to a host of sporting, artistic, creative and cultural activities – as enthusiastically as to their academic work.

There’s a powerful “can-do” ethos throughout the Junior and Senior Schools: boys and girls are constantly pushed to try new things and broaden their horizons, to “unleash their aspirations, as our adverts say.

They emerge rounded, generous young people with a balanced view of life and work, and achieve amazing results too.

And they have enormous fun doing it!